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Nearly every business uses Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Keynote, but not everyone uses them to their full advantage. That’s where I can help.

As a graphic designer with more than 20 years of professional experience, I understand that great design helps communicate ideas and establish connections. Using software as a tool and my skills for combining visual components—photography, audio and video, illustration, and more—I help clients create compelling, impactful content, whether it’s a keynote presentation, marketing materials, or business collateral.  


  • MS Office PowerPoint

  • Keynote for Mac

  • MS Office Word, Excel and Outlook

  • Adobe CC Photoshop

  • Adobe CC Illustrator

  • Adobe CC InDesign + Acrobat Pro

  • Adobe Premiere + iMovie

  • Google Suite (Google Slides)

  • Sketch

  • Wondershare Video Converter

  • Quicktime Pro


  • Corporate brand

  • Tradeshows

  • Software

  • Technology

  • Advertising

  • Market research

  • Engineering

  • Gallery exhibits

  • Architecture

  • Landscape architecture

  • Non-profit

  • Law

  • Banking and investing


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